Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Hang on! Lumia 710 is joining the new Nokia Windows Phone 7 line-up


The Nokia Lumia 800 was not the only Windows Phone 7 to be announced at Nokia World (a big conference where Nokia basically make product announcements) because added to the line-up was the Nokia Lumia 710. This one offers a cheaper Mango alternative.

On offer from the 710 is removable covers coming in yellow or pink etc with the handset itself landing on the market in two colours, white or black.

Moving on, other specs packed in is a 1.4GHz processor plus a 3.7-inch ClearBlack touch sensitive screen. However, Nokia haven’t been too kind on storage limiting the Lumia 710 to only 8GB due to the price. On the rear you will find a 6Mp snapper.

Would you be up for the Lumia 710 or not?

Source: The Gadget Show.

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